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Rebuilding Your Credit

A financial plan based upon the data contained in your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy file will give you concrete information to use in developing a livable budget. By utilizing the Bend financial management services I have developed and creating a breakdown by category of all your expenses and where all your money goes, you will be able to create a budget that covers your living expenses and bill payments. By cutting out luxuries and non-essentials that you paid for in the past, you will have a budget that will cover your necessary expenses and should leave you some money left over to put into savings. By ensuring that you regularly add to your savings account so it continues to grow, you will ensure your own financial security, and lending institutions will be reassured that you have "turned over a new leaf." Saving money and making only planned purchases will give you far more control. To build credit by getting a new loan, you can have a cosigner on your loan agreement or take out a secured loan. As a Bend credit counseling professional, I can help and advise you on these and other methods of restoring your credit. I have been helping clients through bankruptcy for over four decades. Many of my clients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly their credit is restored.

My legal team understands that life events such as illness, divorce, and job loss can cause financial difficulties which require the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. I help clients to resolve credit and financial difficulties through debt negotiation, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, and other effective means, including my Bend credit counseling and financial management services. I can work with you to help you to live within your means and have a stress-free future.