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Bankruptcy Myths

What have you heard about bankruptcy? Have you heard that your credit is destroyed for years? Many people don't realize that a foreclosure can be more damaging to your credit than bankruptcy. Over 3.5 million individuals have filed for bankruptcy in the last four years and are now experiencing the benefits.

Bankruptcy Exemptions

When you file bankruptcy, most, if not all, of your assets are exempt from court review. You need to know the benefits and the risks, and how filing will actually impact you in your individual and unique situation.

Means Test

Every individual must undergo a means test when filing for bankruptcy. It is an evaluation of income and expenses to determine what kind of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) will be allowed or required.

Non-Dischargeable Debt

Some debts cannot be discharged through bankruptcy - past due income taxes and student loans are good examples. You need to know which debts you can discharge if you file for bankruptcy. As an experienced debt relief attorney in Bend, Oregon, I can help you understand everything you need to know as it applies to you individually.


Are you facing the loss of your car or other possessions due to being unable to pay? When you file for bankruptcy, all collection actions are halted, allowing you the time to resolve these issues and avoid the repercussions that you will face if you lose your vehicle or business equipment.

Creditor Abuse

As a consumer, you are protected from certain actions by creditors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If your rights have been violated through creditor abuse, I can take action against the creditor, sometimes resulting in that creditor having to pay you money for their violation of the law.


There are few more concerning legal problems than facing foreclosure of your home mortgage. Thousands of people and families have lost their homes when they were unable to refinance at a reasonable rate. You may have been victimized and it may be possible to take legal action to help you avoid foreclosure.

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Life After Bankruptcy

What will life be like after bankruptcy? The first thing you will notice is that you are finally free from the terrible and ongoing stress that comes with collection actions. Most people are now able to save, pay for their day-to-day expenses, and get a fresh start.

Benefits of Bankruptcy

There are a great number of benefits to filing bankruptcy. Freedom from crushing debt, the ability to get a fresh financial start is an important right offered under federal law. You can find out more by contacting me in Bend, Oregon, or Hermiston, Oregon, today. I proudly assist those in Hermiston, Pendleton, Portland, Eugene, and beyond.

Credit Counseling

It is a legal requirement that you have credit counseling prior to bankruptcy. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished, and you can find out more about this part of the process by talking to me.

Wage Garnishment

When you cannot have your full paycheck due to a garnishment from a judgment, life can become extremely difficult. It can be almost impossible to pay your bills or keep up with even your utility payments. You can get help to stop wage garnishments by contacting me.

Warning Signs

What are the warning signs that indicate you should be taking immediate action to resolve your financial problems? There are indicators that can alert you to the fact that the situation is getting worse, and that something effective should be done immediately.