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If youThis page of my website for Oregon Fresh Start is where you will begin to provide detailed information about your finances. This information is not to satisfy my curiosity - it is required by the court. You should begin completion of the questionnaire only after you have completed your bankruptcy consultation with me, either by phone or in person at the Hermiston office or at the Bend office. You can contact me by phone at 800-475-5217. Once we have talked, you are ready to begin.

There are 2 options for the questionnaire – online or paper. Online is my favorite. By using the online option, you can provide to me all of the information required by the court PLUS you can upload court required bank statements, paystubs, tax returns and court required ID all in one step. Pick the one where you are most comfortable. The electronic one is faster and more thorough but, if you choose that one, you need to be comfortable filling out information online. Using the paper form will mean about 10 days to get all of the court required documents whereas using the online form means about 1 day turn-around time.

CREDIT REPORT - There are 3 sources of information about your debts: (1) your memory, (2) present communications you are receiving by phone, email or letters about debts you owe and (3) a credit report. If you are confident that sources 1 and 2 contain all of the required information, then skip the credit report. If you need a credit report, you can get one for free at However, deciphering credit reports can be complicated. If you feel up to it, order one and enter the information into the form. If you want the computer to decipher the information for you, then you will need to pick the electronic questionnaire. When you get to the "Liabilities" section, open the top box called "Credit Report." and fill out the information. You will still need to do your best from sources 1 and 2 but the credit report information will be automatically uploaded into my computer. The cost of the credit report for the electronic questionnaire is $50 which will be added to your bill. I will then send you a copy of the report for your file.

ELECTRONIC QUESTIONNAIRE - For the electronic questionnaire, you will click below where it says "Start Your Questionnaire." This will take you directly to the sign-up page to begin entering your information. You will receive a code specific to you and the electronic questionnaire will walk you through the steps. The court requires lots of information so do not get overwhelmed - just take the steps one at a time. I will use the information from your questionnaire to complete your bankruptcy papers. The electronic questionnaire asks for rns for the last 2 years.

PAPER QUESTIONNAIRE - The paper questionnaire is just what it says ‐ you print out the form on paper (about 35 pages), fill it out and return it to me and I enter that information into the computer. Then I send you multiple requests for bank statements, paystubs, tax returns and ID. For the paper questionnaire, click below where it says "Download PDF."

Online Questionnaire for Oregon Bankruptcy

Start your Questionnaire

Paper Questionnaire for Oregon Bankruptcy

You can also print and fill out the Questionnaire for Oregon Bankruptcy.