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This page of the website for Oregon Fresh Start is where you will begin to provide detailed information about your finances. This information is required by the court. You should begin completion of the questionnaire only after you have completed your bankruptcy consultation with Dale Smith, either by phone or in person at the office.

There are 2 options for the questionnaire – online or paper. Pick the one where you are most comfortable. The paper questionnaire is just what it says ‐ you print out the form on paper, fill it out and return it to me and I enter that information into the computer. For the electronic questionnaire, you will send me a request to sign up. I will give you a code specific to you and the website information you will use for completion of the form. When you are finished, the information provided will be uploaded directly into your bankruptcy papers at my office.

Online Questionnaire for Oregon Bankruptcy

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Paper Questionnaire for Oregon Bankruptcy

You can also print and fill out the Questionnaire for Oregon Bankruptcy.

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