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Responsible citizens in every state have found themselves with debt problems which appear insurmountable. If you are currently struggling to meet your monthly bills and expenses, you need to understand that the purpose of bankruptcy is to provide relief from heavy debt. There are a number of benefits of bankruptcy the most important of which is that it puts you back in control of your financial situation. With the change in the bankruptcy law in 2005, many people who now feel that they cannot qualify actually do qualify. You need to find out. If you need relief, you should consult our Bend debt relief attorney and Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer for more information.


Chapter 7, also called the liquidation bankruptcy involves the bankruptcy trustee liquidating your assets and distributing the proceeds amongst your creditors. Many of your personal possessions will be considered exempt assets, meaning you will be allowed to keep them. There are certain bankruptcy exemptions which can affect how many of your possessions you can keep. To find out if you qualify for Chapter 7, you will need to take the Means Test to find out if your income falls below the median income for an individual or a family in your area. If your income exceeds the median for a similar sized family, then you will likely qualify to file under Chapter 13. This chapter involves developing a payment plan and making payments to the bankruptcy trustee monthly for three to five years. At the end of your payment plan period, any balances owing will be discharged. Our Bend debt relief attorney at Oregon Fresh Start can guide you through the entire bankruptcy process to completion.

We know that bankruptcy can be confusing and complex. Our legal team is highly experienced in providing assistance to ensure you avoid any legal pitfalls. Since we have been helping clients successfully obtain a new start in life for over three decades, you can rely on our Bend debt relief attorney to answer your questions and have your best interests in mind at all times.

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