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Steps of Bankruptcy

Credit Counseling

A legal requirement prior to filing bankruptcy in Bend is that you get credit counseling. This is done through a federally approved agency, at a low cost. The counseling is usually done on the internet, but can be done in person or on the phone.

Completion of Petition

I prepare your petition using information you provide. The information must be 100% accurate. As an aid in preparing your petition, I will ask you for 6 months of income information. I can also make available to you a credit report from the 3 credit reporting agencies. After signing, your petition is filed with the court and the court notifies your creditors.

Court Appearance

You will have to appear at a meeting called "The First Meeting of Creditors." A few years ago, these meetings were in person. However, since, Covid, the meetings are done by phone. This takes place about 5 - 6 weeks after you have filed your petition. You will be put under oath and asked questions about your petition to make sure it is accurate. This meeting usually takes about 10 minutes. Creditors have the right to attend, but rarely do. I, as your attorney, will represent you at this meeting.

Discharge of Debt

After about 75 days, the bankruptcy process is completed and your debt is discharged. In some cases, a creditor may object, in which case a further court appearance is necessary, but for most people, this rarely occurs.

Four to five months from the time of your filing, you could be free from a crushing debt load. I and my staff at Oregon Fresh Start are here to assist you through every step of the process. I have appeared in every bankruptcy court and hearing location throughout the State of Oregon - I have assisted over 11,000 people with bankruptcy over my 40+ years in practice. I know how important it is to you and your family or your business to get back on your feet and have relief from the pressure of debt. As you debt relief attorney, I can help with our Bend bankruptcy or Hermiston bankruptcy filing services.